New Course

The new 100 mile single loop course is ready, 50 miler coming soon.  Both will be staged in Virgin, about two miles up Kolob Reservoir road.   The 100 mile course is kind of a big figure 8 loop that includes Smith Mesa, Gooseberry Mesa, and the Hurricane Rim trail systems.  Two key land owners have been very generous and cooperative to make this new route possible which takes you through a lot more Zion country and cuts out much of the pavement.

The 50 mile course will head up onto Gooseberry Mesa and follow the same trails as the 100 miler, but instead of heading out through Apple Valley, they will head east onto some double track that goes into some beautiful country south of Smithsonian Butte. They will exit the mesa using the same steep trail they used to get up onto it, so the course will be kind of a big lollipop loop.


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