Running Calendar

Several local runners have expressed interest in getting out and running sections of the course. Here is a tentative schedule, we’d be happy to have anyone join us.

Post a comment below, send an email to, or call me at 435-632-8678 for more info, or just show up at the appointed time and place.

November 19- Going to run the latter part of Smith Mesa road (from where it meets Kolob Reservoir road). You can either run an out and back on Smith Mesa road or scramble down off of the mesa till you hit the 4 wheeler trail and loop back to your car. You’ll hit private property the last mile or so, but the owner said he’s not worried about foot traffic, the signs are to ward off ATV’s. The meeting point is the pullout on the right hand side about a mile before the Smith Mesa road just before the Zion National Park sign (about mile 25 on the course map link). You’ll see the private property signs and locked gate across the road. That’s where you’ll return, should you choose to loop back to your car via the 4 wheeler trail. I plan on following the wash down that is at about mile 19 on Smith Mesa on the trail map and connect to the 4 wheeler trail at about mile 31. I haven’t tried this before, so it could be hairy. An out and back would definitely be the safer way and the views heading back to the car are incredible. I’ll be leaving at 7:15am (dawn).

December 10- Virgin desert to Gooseberry Mesa. Meet at the bottom of the JEM trail, turn right just after crossing the bridge on Sheep Bridge road (approx. mile 33.5 on the 100 mile course map). We’ll be topping out on the mesa after about 11 miles and turning around and coming back the way we came.  Approx. 22 miles.   Meet at 7:30am.

December 31- Gooseberry full rim loop. Meet at the overlook at the edge of the mesa about a mile past the Windmill trailhead. Approx. 28 mile run. We’ll be running the entire rim (only about half of these miles are in the 100 mile course, the rest are in the 50 miler). It’s a loop, so no shuttling. Meet at 7:30am.

January 21, 2012- Hurricane Rim/Jem/Gould’s Rim loop. Approx. 24 miles. Meet at the Sheep Bridge trail head near Virgin at 7:30am.

February 10, 2012- Little Creek Mesa loop- This run will explore some of the “Plan B” course that we’ll be running if we have a rainy race day. Approx. 20 miles. Meet at Kokapelli Golf Club at 7:15am.

March 3, 2012- Smith Mesa loop- approx. 30 miles. Meet at BMX track in Virgin at 6:30am. (Turn left on Kolob Reservoir road and left again after about a mile.) Cancelled- Smith Mesa is a muddy mess!

March 16, 2012- Gooseberry loop. Meet at 7:00am @ the Cattle Grate Trailhead on Gooseberry Mesa.

March 17, 2012- Flying Monkey, Smith Mesa singletrack, and the ascent onto Gooseberry from Virgin.  Meet at the BMX bike track in Virgin (1 mile up Kolob Terrace Rd. on the left) and we’ll run these three hard-to-find sections of the course.


6 responses to “Running Calendar

  1. wow this schedule looks great. I should be able to join you for most of these

  2. Nice, looks like a BLAST

  3. I will be meeting you for this Saturdays run, I am slow so the out and back will be great. How many many miles do you think this run will be? I am looking to get in around 20 miles.

  4. With the out and back, you can make it as long as you’d like. I’ll drop some water off about 5 miles up the road. The loop that I plan on doing will be around 13-14 miles but one of those will be bushwacking and pretty slow going.

  5. It was great meeting you today. Thanks for introducing me to Smith Mesa.

  6. Thanks for coming! Maybe next run we’ll boost our numbers up to 4! That ravine we went down ended up being pretty gnarly, it took us a bit longer than we expected but it was beautiful. Look forward to getting up on the Goose with you in the future

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