50 Mile Course is Ready

The 50 mile course is ready and can be viewed HERE. Like the 100 miler, it will start at the town park but it only has about 18 miles in common with the 100 mile course. It takes a more direct route up onto Gooseberry Mesa and then follows the same singletrack trail around the rim and then goes out to the Yellowman petroglyphs and drops down the Smithsonian Butte road to a stunning overlook before returning. This route offers many unique views into areas of the park not accessed with the 100 mile course (because you can only see so much country during the daylight hours!) Elevation profile can be viewed along with with the course map, more details of total gain, etc. to come later.

The 100 mile course has also been updated using gmap-pedometer, showing the new starting point at Virgin town park.


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