A Couple of Changes…

A couple of key changes as of late that the committee has decided on are to move the starting location to the Virgin town park and to shorten the cutoff time for the 100 mile event to 32 hours.

We wanted a more comfortable place for people to finish (grass, shade trees, pavilion, etc.) The free camping area is still available for runners, and is only two miles away. The new starting line doesn’t change the course much as far as mileage, we’ll just take a different dirt road to access the Flying Monkey trail up onto the mesa.

50 mile course logistics (course mileage, paying a police officer to assist with the crossing of Hwy 9 at the end of the race when everyone is spread out, etc.) also played a role in this decision.

With the weather factor (could hit 90 and could snow on the mesas) and the varied terrain, this course just may prove to be a little harder than it looks at first glance. For many, this will be their first 100 miler and we’re going to keep the cutoff time generous. We will see how this year goes and adapt in the future.


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