New Meeting Time/Place for Saturday’s run (10/29)

We will be meeting at 6am at the Virgin town park on Saturday for the run (instead of 7:15 at the free camping area as was previously announced.) We’ll run about 2.5 miles of dirt road to the Flying Monkey trail up onto Hurricane Mesa. We’ll run the entire Smith Mesa road, approx. 19 miles for a total of about 24.

After meeting at the park at 6, we’ll shuttle however many cars we need to the Smith Mesa road turnoff about 7 miles up the canyon and be back to start the run at the park by 6:30. (So technically, 6:30 will be the cutoff if you want to start your run with the group.) A headlamp would come in handy for the scramble up Flying Monkey, it should be just getting light as we top out on the mesa. I’ll be placing water and PBandJ’s at about miles 10 and 18. If you’d like anything more than that, bring it by my work (Pine View Middle School) by Friday afternoon or by my house in Toquerville. Feel free to call with any questions (435-632-8678). The more the merrier.


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