Elyte Edge

While manning an aid station at the Hurricane Jem trail marathon, I sampled Elyte Edge electrolyte sports drink. It came in a liquid concentrate and I mixed it as the instructions said and plugged my nose to sample a bit before the runners arrived. Instead of the vodka-like aftertaste that I expected (due to conditioning from sampling another clear sports drink available at many races) it went down very smooth. I mixed it at different concentrations and it was great even when mixed strong. I even sampled the concentrate and no aftertaste. After the race I talked to a rep and found out that 72+ naturally occurring trace minerals are harvested from the Great Salt Lake and flavored with natural extracts, etc. Sounds great but what I’m most excited about is that I love it on my runs and bike rides. I’m excited for athletes to try this drink at our race next May.


One response to “Elyte Edge

  1. That,s good to hear, I will have to try my sample.

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