New Map, Upcoming Group Run, Elevation Change (Oops!)

Check out the maps of the course complete with aid station, drop bag, and crew accessibility information:

100 mile:

50 mile:

I’ll get it embedded on the website as soon as I figure out how…

Notice the changes in the total elevation of the course.  OOPS!  I’m still a newb with the GPS, obviously.  It wasn’t adding up in my mind, but those were the numbers that the damn thing was telling me…  However, the guy that did these maps knows his stuff so the elevation on this one should be accurate.  If you ever need someone to to help you make a map, contact Christian at

We had a great run yesterday with several members of the race committee.  Perfect place to have a meeting 🙂  We started down in Virgin and took the 50 mile route up onto Gooseberry and looped around about 2/3 of the mesa and back down for a total of 18 miles.  We’d hoped to loop around the entire mesa, but it was icy on the slickrock sections and hard to follow the white painted dots on the rock.  (They don’t show up well in snow!)  Here’s a picture of some of us (more can be seen on the FB page)-

This is a picture that Cory Reese took as we began the ascent up onto Gooseberry Mesa.  Very happy to have Cory on board helping out with the race.

To the locals: Don’t forget about the run next weekend!


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