Accommodations for the race…

A few people have emailed looking for more information on accommodations for the race. While there are no hotels or B&B’s in Virgin (where the race starts and finishes),  here are a some vacation rentals which might be the way to go for runners that are travelling together in a group: (I’ll post links to sponsoring hotels later this week.)

These are in Virgin, where the race will begin/end:

These are near Springdale, which is at the main entrance to the park, but a 10-15 minute drive from the race start/finish.

Hurricane is 10-20 minutes from Virgin (depending on which side of town you’re on), but in the opposite direction from Springdale, closer to the freeway.

St. George is 30 minutes from the start/finish line:

I would definitely recommend staying in the Virgin to Springdale corridor if it is at all possible.  The views, ambiance of the town, and services available will contribute to a better overall experience for most people.


2 responses to “Accommodations for the race…

  1. Will there be camping available close to the start-finish?



    • Yes. There’s a free camping area two miles from the starting line, up Kolob Terrace road next to the river. No bathrooms there. There is also a lot of beautiful camping areas (free) up on Gooseberry Mesa. There is a pit latrine on Gooseberry, no running water or improved camping. The nearest campground will be just across the main entrance to Zion National Park, about 15 miles from the start/finish line. You’ll want to reserve ahead of time if you go that route.

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