More lodging options…

I’ve been looking for a good sponsoring hotel on the more affordable side of the valley (Hurricane) for the past couple of weeks and have finally found a great fit.  After contacting each of the hotels in Hurricane and not getting more than $5 or $10 off and no real interest in our event, I was getting a little frustrated.  Then my wife saved the day when she looked into the Holiday Inn Express.  I’d overlooked this one because its address is in St. George, even though it’s off of the Hurricane exit (in Coral Canyon.)

While it is an extra 10 minutes from downtown Hurricane, it offers much nicer rooms, better rates, is in a better area,  and is conveniently located right off of the freeway exit to Zion National Park.  It is only 18 miles from the starting line in Virgin, which is still reasonable.

Coral Canyon is right across from the Red Cliff Desert Reserve and you can access the Church Rocks trail from the hotel.

The Holiday Inn Express has blocked off 30 rooms for us (double queen or king)  and is offering them at $94, which is $32 off of what you’d pay if you booked outside of the event.  They have a great complimentary breakfast bar and will make it available earlier than normal (5:00am) on Friday and Saturday so that you can fuel up before toeing the line.  Here’s a link to a video tour of their rooms.  High speed internet access is free.  Link here to register online with the discounted rate.

As I’ve mentioned before, Springdale is where you should be heading if you want the full Zion experience, but it comes with a cost.  The Cable Mountain Lodge is our sponsoring hotel in Springdale.  The hotel is as close as you can get to the National Park without actually being in it, and will not disappoint.  Mention you’re with the race when you book and get 10% off (which is still generous considering they will undoubtedly be sold out with or without our business.)


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