T-shirt Preview

Here’s a peek at this year’s T-shirts that will be sent off to print in a couple of weeks.  It’s usually a love/hate reaction to the design.  In my book, anyone running 50-100 miles is made of steel.


We’ve had several prototype belt buckles made and haven’t quite nailed it yet.  We’ve hired an artist that specializes in custom epoxy finished belt buckles.  She’ll  be making them using materials (sand, plant samples) that we’ve gathered and sent her from the trails that you’ll be running on.  We’re very excited about these, they’ll make a perfect souvenir of your run in Zion country.  We should have a picture of the final product in the next little while, we’ve almost got the design where we want it.

8 responses to “T-shirt Preview

  1. The shirts look SUPER great ! My 5 year old wants to run the 50 so he can get one !

  2. I’ve received a couple of emails and like I said, you either love the shirt or think it’s the lamest thing ever. I wasn’t sure what to think the first time Danika told me about it. We also had a nice shirt designed with desert cliffs and colors, etc. that we almost went with, but in the end we chose this one because we think that reflects the atmosphere that we hope to create at the race. This is going to be a fun event. I’ll post later on some of the things that we have planned that are going to help take your mind off of the beating that you’re putting your body through. We’ve got a lot of first timers this year (due to the moderate elevation gains and because they’re not as hesitant to do a first year event), and after reaching that monumental milestone of running their first 50 or 100, they deserve something that says “Look at what a badass I am. Can you believe that I just did this?” To a vet, it’s just another shirt. If we’re ever going to be able to get away with this design, this is the year. We’re going to put on a good venue and in following years we may not have the same percentage of first timers. Next year we promise to have a nice earth toned shirt with the gorgeous Zion backdrop, etc.

    The belt buckles and 50 mile finishers medals will be very connected to the desert landscape and make a great memento of the region, hopefully making up for the disconnected shirts.

  3. I think the shirts are a great idea! And the buckle idea sounds really great too! I am really looking forward to the race. I’m willing to take a chance on a first year event and from what I have seen of your post so far I think you will pull off a great event. I’m not signed up yet. I’m trying to spread out the entry fee pain in stages. But I am mentally committed to showing up for this one and know of at least one or two other friends who will make the trip as well. Keep up the great work!

  4. Is there a no shirt option with 5-10 dollars off the race for runners? The shirt is ok but if they had the Zion’s colorful strada layered in earth tones instead of blue that would be awesome? I don’t want to scare the bighorn away before I get close with a bright shirt.

    • Sorry, turns into quite a hassle to try and do the $7 kickback at this point. Next year we’ll have shirts that won’t scare away so many animals 🙂

  5. Since my last name starts with a Z–I decided to race just for the cool shirt (also using it as another training run for VT 100). Look forward to the course and views.

  6. Are these cotton or dry-fit of some sort. It matters for my size selection.

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