Course update

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We have had to make some adjustments to the 100 mile course recently due to a permitting issue.  All aid stations will remain the same except for the two on Smith Mesa road will be slid back about a mile.  The area of change will be from mile 17 to mile 24.5 (aid station #3 on Kolob Terrace Road.)  We’ll be dropping down off of the mesa and following some primitive single track and double track for about 8.5 miles until it hits the paved road, just below the park entrance.

The changes are exciting, adding a little canyoneering, about 5 miles of single track, and 3.5 miles of double track.  It will be slow going for a few hundred yards as it is a steep scramble descending down through the top layer of Smith Mesa.  Although not necessary, we will have a rope set up (as seen in one of the pictures above) to give runners something to hold onto for added stability in the roughest part of the descent.  Volunteers will be present to make sure you stay on course in this critical area.  (The turnoff from Smith Mesa road will be aid station #2.)  After this, you’ll follow a stream bed for a quarter mile and then get on some of my favorite single track of the course through boulder fields, piñon pine, manzanita, scrub oak, and juniper.

Click here to see the updated version of the map.


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