Kali has finished the first batch of buckles.  Here’s a look at the “Ephedra” and “Juniper” models.  Buckles are created from materials found on the course and each is unique from all of the others.  They go through a pretty tedious process to be created.  We’ll have them displayed on a table at the finish line and runners can choose their buckle after they’ve finished.

The 50 mile medallions are being done by a local company as well (Kenworthy Monument Co.)  They are circular pieces of sandstone that have our logo printed on them with a varnish coat over the top.  We’ll post pictures as soon as they’re ready.


8 responses to “Buckles!

  1. Beautiful! She does such unique and creative work.

  2. carol manwaring

    YEA!! They are Awesome 🙂

  3. Perfect!

  4. OK, I’m not running this race, but have to say this is the coolest buckle idea ever. This alone makes me want to run the race next year, not because I want the cool buckle, but because I think it says a lot about the thought that has gone into this race!

  5. This race looks amazing! I just got back from a R2R2R with 3 friends and found this race. I sure hope I can join in the fun next year.

    • Look for registration for 2013 to open up in June, after we’ve had time to analyze this year’s event and runner feedback and make adjustments for next year.

  6. I was considering Leadville for my first 100 but perhaps my backyard would be a better idea. I’m excited to see how this first race works out. It looks like a lot of work has gone into this. I’m glad someone made this a reality. I didn’t understand why Zion didn’t already feature a 100.

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