Grumpy Goat Wood-Fired Pizza for Pre-Race Meal!

We think you’ll be happy to hear that The Grumpy Goat will be bringing their portable wood-fired pizza oven to the start/finish line to cook you an organic pie for your pre-race meal.  Each runner will receive a voucher in their pre-race packet for a free pizza of their choice.  These pizzas only take 2-3 minutes each to cook once the oven is heated up, and since runners will be spread out between 5-9pm on both Thurs. and Fri. nights for pre-race packet pickup, the Grumpy Goat should be able to keep up with our orders without too much of a wait.   If pre-race pizza isn’t your thing, you can hang on to your voucher until after the race and eat it then if you just can’t hold out for the Wildcat Willie’s dutch oven cookout at 6pm.  The Grumpy Goat will also be at the park during the entirety of the race to take orders from your friends and family so that they don’t have to travel too far to get something to eat.

We’ll be doing a group run up onto Little Creek Mesa this Saturday for anyone interested.  Meeting at the Kokapelli Golf Club parking lot at 7:15am.  Out and back or loop, depending on your schedule.

Check the FB page for some lodging/camping opportunities with a couple of locals in Virgin and Rockville…


One response to “Grumpy Goat Wood-Fired Pizza for Pre-Race Meal!

  1. Danny Widerburg

    I just took a glance @ the Grumpy Goat Web-site . Looks like I am fasting until May 11th . This Race just keeps getting better !

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