Beat the heat with an all natural, electrolyte shaved ice…

One of my biggest concerns on race day is the mid-afternoon heat as runners cross the desert between Smith and Gooseberry Mesas (or after dropping off of Little Creek Mesa for the 50 milers.)  One of the ideas that we’ve come up with to help runners stay comfortable is electrolyte snow cones.  A couple of months ago, I exchanged emails with a veteran ultrarunner that has over 30 years of running 100’s under her belt.  She mentioned that the most welcome aid station that she has ever experienced was a slushee machine in the middle of the desert.  That got me started and one thought led to another and here’s what we’ve come up with:  All natural electrolyte shaved ice.  The above ingredients are all that will going into these babies and they taste marvelous.  Just water, organic sugar, lemon juice and Elyte Edge electrolyte concentrate.

After bringing the ingredients to a boil and letting it cool, we just freeze the mixture in these containers and then transfer the frozen product into baggies to be stored in the big chest freezer until race day.  We’ll have 200 of these frozen cylinders ready to go on race day waiting for you at Sheep’s Bridge Aid station on the 100 and Little Creek Mesa for the 50.  We’ve purchased 3 simple shaved ice machines which are hand cranked, so they can be used anywhere- no need for electricity.  They crank out a shaved ice in about 20 seconds flat so hopefully we won’t keep anyone waiting that’s in a hurry.

My 9 year 0ld son, Abe, will be helping me out with this.  He is a little entrepreneur and loves selling lemonade, etc. out on the street corner, so naturally he asked if he could sell some Electro-Ice at the finish line.  So if you like the one you try on the run, come and support this ambitious little guy at the finish line as he tries to earn enough $ to buy a better Nerf gun and a Wii game.


4 responses to “Beat the heat with an all natural, electrolyte shaved ice…

  1. Abe, you are so cute! I’d run a hundred miles to get one of those from you!

  2. What is best doing even befor the race day, making arrangement of ice and also preppering to run as fast as i can to be there befor the cross of the line to chiel them. My friends would’nt let me give mine befor them, what i have to do this time is being as fast as i could to meet up.

  3. Sorry I saw this post after the race 😦 Loved the electrolyte slushie and would have totally supported Abe’s habit. 🙂

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