Didn’t get into the race? Consider pacing someone else!

While both distances are full, there is still an option for those wanting to run this course… Become a pacer!  You’ll get to run part of the course for free, have full access to the aid stations, and will receive a volunteer T-shirt and a pizza!  You don’t even have to be familiar with the course, we’ll have it well marked.  Just a fresh mind and legs willing to help out a fellow runner in need.  (This offer is for people that are volunteering to pace a stranger.  If you are pacing a friend in the race there is no need to fill out this form.  Sorry, no T-shirt or pizza for those pacing friends, but you do have full access to our well-stocked aid stations and we’ll be happy to shuttle you from the finish line to the aid station that you’re meeting your runner at!)

Follow this link to sign up to volunteer to pace a runner that has requested a pacer.

First time pacer?  Here’s a great article explaining what pacing’s all about…


6 responses to “Didn’t get into the race? Consider pacing someone else!

  1. are there rides to the 17 mi or 32 mi pacing start available? I could possibly get to the start, but not know how to get to the aid stations to meet the racers.

    • We will be transporting all pacers from the finish line to the appropriate aid stations to cut back on parking at the aid stations and make it easier on the pacers, so they don’t have to find a ride back to their car after the race is over.

  2. Would love a pacer if somebody is available and willing.

  3. Is there still a need for pacers?

    • Definitely. We have 7 runners that have requested pacers that will not have them unless more sign up or show up! Hopefully you will help us cut that list down to 6? Thanks!

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