Pah Tempe Hot Springs

We have reserved the famous healing waters of Pah Tempe Hot Springs after the race to aid your body in the recovery process and provide a post-race gathering location for those associated with the Zion 100.  The first session will be from 9pm-12am on Saturday evening (May 12th) and the second session will be Sunday morning from 9am-12pm (May 13th.)  There will be a $20 charge at each session (group rate discount- you can pay Ken, the owner of the springs, upon arrival.)

People travel from all over the world to soak in these soothing mineral hot springs, located in the picturesque Virgin River gorge.  There are 7 different pools each 1 degree cooler than the other, ranging from 107 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees.  A refreshing dip in the river is always nice to cool down when needed.  This is one of the best kept secrets in the area and should be on everyone’s “to do” list that comes from afar to visit Zion National Park.  It is open by private reservation only and we are excited to have this opportunity at a discounted rate.  Any remaining post-race beverages will find their way over to Pah Tempe at 9:00pm.

To get to Pah Tempe Hot Springs from Virgin, drive towards Hurricane and turn left on “Enchanted Way” immediately after crossing the large bridge that spans the Virgin River gorge and divides the towns of LaVerkin and Hurricane.  Follow this road down towards the river until you reach the entrance to Pah Tempe.


2 responses to “Pah Tempe Hot Springs

  1. Wow! This is very cool place to be refreshing after very long 100M running!
    Thank you, RD Matt!

    • It is an amazing place to relax, recover, and heal- one of the best on the planet. And it happens to be ten minutes from the finish line! I don’t think that anybody that goes will regret it.

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