50 and 100 Results

2012 Zion 100 Race Results

Zion 50 Results

Please email me with any time discrepancies and we’ll get them taken care of.

Please excuse the delay.  Sorry about the DNF confusion that some of you encountered.  The reports we received via Ham radio said that you had pulled (maybe you were just thinking about it?) and we updated it accordingly on ultralive.net.  The problem is that once you’ve been entered into their system, there is no turning back, so we can only post results on a spreadsheet.  We will post a better document shortly, still have a lot of clean up to do at this point in order to stay in good standing with the BLM, State Trust Land, county, and towns of Virgin and Apple Valley.  Still pulling the all nighters at this point but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel…  Last night I was up  on Gooseberry taking down trail markings all night and only got about half way, then straight from there to work…  That damn reflective tape does not come off of the rock easily.


2 responses to “50 and 100 Results

  1. Jeremy Schmuki

    That course up there was pretty tricky and one runner said he went 6 miles over 50. I don’t see why refective tape is any worse than the spray painted dots up there on gooseberry…in fact the BLM who oversees the trails should have an artist paint large lizards and snakes on the rocks because even the dots were in tough to follow.

    • After clearing the course up there, I can definitely confirm that we had some marking issues that were our bad that I was not made aware of before hand.
      During the race I ran about 4 miles of the trail to 2 of the most critical junctions and patched things up where someone apparently removed some marking tape (I guess they didn’t want us to use the Secret Harris Trail??) I thought that was the extent of the damage and moved on to the next problem but looking back I wish that I could have stuck around to fix some other confusing points, it would have saved many runners from getting in extra miles on that meatgrinder.

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