2013 Map

Map is done! A huge thanks to Christian Johnson who does a great job with our maps.  Each color represents a different “branch” or “leg” of the course.  A separate 100k map is included with its elevation profile.  Elevation gain came in a lot lower than what Google Earth was saying.  There will be some tweaking with mileage and elevation over the months as I get more accurate readings, but this is pretty much it.  So excited to put this course out there for you guys- more scenic trails and I like how it can be broken down into different sections that we branch out to.  On each leg there is that element of exploring new territory but also you have a chance to size up the competition.   Some will like the element of familiarity every once in a while when you are on the return leg of the out and backs.  Overall, runners will branch out to more trails that we’d wanted to incorporate into the run but couldn’t work into a single loop course.   It will also be a lot easier for us to manage since the start/finish line is centrally located for access purposes and we have reduced the total number of aid stations that we need to staff, while providing more aid stations that runners will pass through.  The “crew access” points are also limited aid stations- like a beefed up water only station with some limited aid and shade/chairs but may not be staffed at all times and runners will not be tracked by Ham radio at these locations.  We’ll be doing our group runs on each of these sections starting in the fall. (Will post a calendar in Sept./Oct.)  We’ll post the GPS files in a few months when we’ve fine tuned the mileage and any minor changes to be made to the course.  Remember, anyone that makes it to Aid #9 or farther on the course also gets an official 100k finishing time (taken from their check in time at Aid #9).

2013 Zion 100 map

2013 Zion 100k map


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