Group Run Schedule

Come join us for a long run on a different section of the course each month.  We’ll preview each of the 5 branches of the course as we lead up to the event in April.  All group runs will meet at 7:30am unless announced otherwise.

November 23 (Friday- day after Thanksgiving)- Gooseberry section of the course.  Meet at the dirt road turnoff just before the adobe home community across the Camino del Rio bridge (the new bridge on the east side of Virgin). We’ll be running approximately 18 miles but this distance can easily be adapted.

December 15 (Saturday)- Virgin desert section of course (JEM/Hurricane Rim) out to Gooseberry climb and back.  We’ll be running approximately 25 miles, but this distance can easily be adapted.  Meet at parking area just across Sheep Bridge, near the bottom of the JEM trail.

January 12 (Saturday)- Guacamole trail. Meet at the bottom of Dalton Wash road on the left hand side of Hwy 9 just past the Camino del Rio turnoff.  The run from the bottom of Dalton Wash is about 19 miles out and back, but if you’d like to do less miles, drive farther up the road before starting because the Guacamole section is the most scenic.

February 23 (Saturday)- Grafton Mesa loop.  Meet at Grafton cemetery (Get there by going through Rockville, crossing the river on Bridge Rd. and following it out for about 3 miles to its end.)  The loop we’ll be doing is about 11 miles.  For more miles you can either repeat, do an out and back on Gooseberry Rd., or go check out the nearby Eagle Crags section.

March 23 (Saturday)- Flying Monkey/Smith Mesa/Virgin Desert- Meet at the Sheep Bridge rd/ Smith Mesa rd/ Hwy 9 intersection.  Plan on running about 30 miles, with a fuel/water stop at the cars (and an option to cut the run short) at about mile 17.


One response to “Group Run Schedule

  1. still planning the flying monkey March 23 group run, OAB up to 30 miles? i’m from N. Cal and would need to plan this in advance. thanks!

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