A Few Announcements

The new course layout will allow us to start the 100 mile and 100k distances simultaneously (6am).  The courses are identical until mile 62, where the 100k runners will split off and head back to the finish line.  100 mile runners that have had enough can opt to call it a day and head to the finish line also, receiving an official 100k finish.  100 mile runners that stick it out and make it to the Guacamole aid station or farther before withdrawing will also automatically receive an official 100k finish.

If you’ve looked at the map already, you’ve probably noticed that the total elevation gain is not listed.  We’re in the process of working that out.  We’ll have an estimate ready shortly (by the end of January) but note that this will only be a ballpark figure.  Determining an accurate elevation measurement is a bit more complicated than getting a Garmin on the entire course and it is beyond my skill set.  For this year, we can only provide an approximate estimate prior to the running of the event.  I have enlisted the help of much more knowledgeable folks on this who will be taking data during the race this year and helping compile an accurate profile.  I will tell you that the gain is significantly higher than what was previously reported.  Thanks for your patience on this.

Pre race check in and packet pickup will be Thursday evening from 5-9pm at this gorgeous home located in the national park, ten miles up Kolob Reservoir road. Click here for a map of how to get there from the start/finish line.  You can bring drop bags to pre-race check in or drop them off at the starting line Friday morning.

The pacer pickup point has been changed due to crew accessibility of the new course.  Pacers are now only allowed anywhere after Smithsonian Butte Crew Access Point (approximately mile 41/47).  We will provide a pacer shuttle service from the start/finish line to Smithsonian Butte and Camino del Rio Crew Access Points.  The shuttle will leave every hour on the hour so plan accordingly if you wish to use this service.

Kali is busy making the custom buckles.   This year, many of the buckles will have wildflowers in them that were harvested last spring (and will be in full bloom as you run this year!)  Buckles are selected as you finish the race, so hurry to the finish line so that you can get the one you want!

Group run this Saturday on the Guacamole section of trail.  We’ll be meeting 3.5 miles up Dalton Wash road at 7:30am.

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