Composting Portapotties!!

Very excited to announce that we’ll be using Eco Commode composting portapotties at the race!  By using composting toilets at our race, we’ll be eliminating the most environmentally harmful product produced at the event (portapotty chemical sewage) and in its place producing something that contributes to a healthy ecosystem.   On top of that, they are more pleasant to use than a traditional portapotty system.

If going green is important to you, please let your next event organizer know about Eco Commode.


3 responses to “Composting Portapotties!!

  1. Excellent, since GI functions are a prime concern and topic of discussion at most ultras! In that vein, will there be any of these EcoCommodes on the course anywhere other than start/finish? (Those of us used to the woods are unsure about how best to do business in the desert.) Thanks!

    • We will have them at each aid station with the exception of Gooseberry Point which is too difficult to access. The landscape does provide more cover this year since we’ll be spending more time on top of the mesas but there are some open exposed stretches between the mesas where privacy isn’t much of an option 🙂

  2. Much less concerned about privacy (not much room for modesty in running 100 miles!) than about the desert ecosystem, e.g., digging holes in the desert, etc. Super a-commode-ating — thanks!

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