Updated Map and Course Description

Updated map is up. Scroll through the course description for photo highlights of sections of the course in the order that they’ll appear on race day. Notice that we’ll be running along the JEM/Hurricane Rim trail now before heading up onto Gooseberry. This may give good reason for some to rethink the early start option so that you get out of the lower elevation desert early. Sorry for the late notice on these changes but the circumstances were unforseeable and out of our control. Still an incredible course as you’ll see in the photo tour on the “Course and Map” page: https://zion100.wordpress.com/maps/


14 responses to “Updated Map and Course Description

  1. What happened to the elevation chart? That was really helpful for me to plan out the run mentally.

  2. Thanks for the updated chart. Very helpful. Looks like the re-routing has cut out one of the climbs, and truncated one of the remaining ones. Still, the killer is at mile 85! Couldn’t you have done something about that?! 🙂

  3. I am disappointed to see that there is only 1 aide station with crew access for this race. Especially considering the distance. The 50 mile race last year had 3! Would love to hear why this is. Thank you:)

  4. Talking the 100k btw:)

    • There are only two aid stations that don’t have crew access, Gooseberry Point and Eagle Crags. Any where else that says aid station is crew accessible. Virgin Desert, Goosebump(x3), Grafton (x2), are all aid stations that are accessible to crew in addition to the crew access point at Smithsonian Butte Turnoff. (Note: on the 100 mile course Guacamole is not crew accessible.)

      • Nicole Burke

        Ahhh…I was just looking at the map. That will teach me not to research further. Thank you so much for clarifying. I really appreciate it. Looking forward to the race.

  5. i think she was looking at the “map”, instead of the “grid list” deal. i nearly made the same mistake looking at the hundred mile “map” before scrolling to the bottom of the page and finding the grid list deal with all the “y”‘s in the crew access column

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