Teaser of what’s to come…

For anyone interested in seeing the entire course the day before the race, we’ve arranged for Zion Helicopter to take runners out for a preview.  The tour will fly right over the 5 mesas that you’ll be climbing the following day (in the same sequence) so you will have a nice mental image when you go to bed Thursday night of exactly what you’re in for on Friday and Saturday.  Their price is $145 per person for this 30 min. tour, and if enough people sign up then they’ll take our photographers out on race day to get some awesome footage of you guys while you’re out running the race.

Click here to see a little video clip that 3D Media threw together which includes some footage from a flight that we took with Zion Helicopters a few weeks ago.

To book your spot on the pre-race tour at 2pm on Thursday, April 18th call 435-668-4185.  Make sure to let them know that you’re with the Zion 100 mile trail run preview group.


One response to “Teaser of what’s to come…

  1. That sounds AWESOME! Out of my price range but really a super idea. Sometimes, though, not seeing what you’re in for is best. 🙂

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