Race Results

Click here to see 2013 100 mile results

Click here to see 2013 100K results

Drop bags are at my house, 810 S. Peachtree Dr., Toquerville, UT


18 responses to “Race Results

  1. Thanks for organizing an amazing race. I flew from Ottawa, Canada to participate and it was well worth it. Had a chat with Chris on Saturday afternoon. Thank you for the months of painstaking work to do the best trailmarkers ever, Chris! We loved you and the entire team every bit of the way for making sure we would not get lost! Zion 100 – what an unforgettable experience! Thanks again! Carsten

  2. Hey Matt,
    Congratulations on pulling off a very well organized race. It was obvious you put in an incredible amount of work to make it a success. Thanks very much!

    • Thanks for coming out, Tim. Glad I ran into you for a second out there, wish there were more time to pick your brain while you were here.

      • Wasn’t much of my brain left to pick by the time I bumped into you at mile 83. Once you decompress a bit after this race and before you get too swamped with the next one, let’s talk. You’ve definitely got some amazing potential with the events down there. Don’t let the asshats get under your skin about leftover trail markings; it’s obvious you care about the area and trails and would make sure there’s no trace of the race.

  3. hotmale dotcom

    Please clean up your signs, ribbons, and other litter on the mountain bike trails on Gooseberry Mesa.

    • The directional signs will be cleaned up tonight. And the 1-2% of the ribbons that the sweeper missed. Not sure what you’re referring to with the “other litter.” Have been up there each of the last two days and not sure what you’re referring to. But thanks for throwing that out there to create doubt and smear our name like you guys did with the illegal Guacamole markings that we had nothing to do with. I guess we don’t get the 6 week grace period to clean up like the bikers that haven’t taken down markings from their race last month on a different trail system in the area? Have you complained about that one?

  4. just want to say what a well organized event, course well marked etc…. the amount of work which went into the event must have been phenomenal and sorry to read the above post about cleaning up ……i am sure if your event was a reflection of your passion for those beautiful trails in Zion you are passionate about keeping the trails clean and safe. I may have been mistaken but it was not a closed course and there was plenty of other people out on the mesa that day running and mountain biking. It was a fantastic experience and breathe taking too.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Suzy. Sorry you guys have to witness the somewhat harsh response to the above comment, I wish that those would be sent to me privately, but I’ve tried to be open about things. I was doing a second sweep of the area mentioned until 3am and honestly don’t know what “other litter” they’re talking about. I found 9 ribbons over the 12 mile section on Gooseberry, and five 5 1/2″ X 8″ laminated signs. Those were the only traces of the race that I could see out there. Someone else called and left me a nasty message about sweeping up the flour on Guacamole ASAP because it was an eyesore and was going to “get somebody hurt.” Weird.

  5. You should feel great about the whole thing, Mr. Matt. The event was tits.

  6. Congrats on pulling off an amazing event Matt. One of the best organized trail races I’ve ever been to. Your love for the trails out there (and taking care of them) comes through in the race, and is what makes your event so special. Your energy is appreciated.

  7. Matt, what a well organized event. You definitely worked on the problems inevitable last year as an inaugural event. I thought the new course was an improvement and the markings were beyond foolproof. You will get my RD of the year award again (sorry, no medal or buckle). Thank all your great volunteers again repeatedly. Maybe the whiner who left the nasty comment was the biker who almost ran me over (?)

  8. btw, did a silver 4th generation iPod Nano happen to turn up? (If I lost it, I think it was in the covered finish area.) was going to just email this to you (Matt), but maybe someone else picked it up.

  9. Hi Matt,

    Kudos to you and your team for putting together a spectacular race – absolutely loved it!! I was impressed from start to finish! Super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful volunteers assisting during packet pick-up and on race day. (I know good volunteers because I’m a former volunteer manager/coordinator coordinating 500+ volunteers). All the aid stations were stocked with an amazing spread to choose from….love the Nutella!

    I will tell you I was concerned about the course marking going into the race. I had people “warn” me that the course hadn’t been well marked last year (or whenever that was). I was concerned, because it is “our” responsibility to know the course. I brought a map just in case. That said, I didn’t need a map. The course was thoroughly marked with ribbons and signs and I never questioned once where I was headed. I just had to follow the dots…easy! Excellent job!

    The comment about the trash…that person has a stick up their butt! I saw zero trash on the course and picked up the 1 or 2 wrappers I did find. Let that uptight comment just roll!!! Most of the mtn bikers I encountered on Goosebump were cool and friendly and gave me the right away. There will always be a few “whiners”!!

    Keep up the great work!! I will definitely be back to run in one or all of your races! 🙂 Anne

  10. I posted over in facebook, so this is a repeat:
    I accidentally picked up James S (don’t want to type full last name, may be a pointless attempt at privacy, but still making the effort to not put everything on the net) Ironman 70.3 Boise dropbag that was at the Guacamole aid station. I thought it was my race partner’s bag, and took it. I’d like to return it to James.
    If you are a James S and are looking for your dropbag, please leave a comment or if you can link to my email (first time commenting, not sure if my email will be a link) please email me and I will be happy to send it back to you ASAP.

  11. Thank you so much Matt for another wonderful race! My 2nd attempt but there is a reason for me to keep coming back for 3rd time:) I was so glad to experience Gooseberry at daylight – what an amazing view. Thanks to all supportive crew and those volunteers who remembered me from last year including the extra-O couple Melissa and George, so grateful to have them around – absolutely love to be back!

  12. For what it’s worth, I never saw one piece of garbage or a wrapper on the trail over the entire 100 miles. My pacer for 40 miles also commented how clean the trail was.

    Three cheers for Matt Gunn for the seriously countless hours he put into race planning and course marking. He is the example all other RDs should look up to.

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